Summer Update

Hi Everyone!

We are all getting very excited about the upcoming trial this fall! In the last few months, we have had a pre-Clinical Trial Application (CTA) submission meeting with Health Canada and have since submitted our CTA. Now we are awaiting their response with anticipation!  In the meantime, we are preparing for the recruitment phase by putting together a patient selection committee made up of experts in the field of ophthalmology. The committee does not include our primary investigator, Dr. Ian MacDonald.

In July, our vitreoretinal surgeons, Drs. Matt Tennant and Riz Somani spent a few days with Professor MacLaren in Oxford to learn more about the testing protocols, surgical equipment and procedures used in the UK clinical trial. What they have learned will be invaluable for our Canadian trial.

As you may know this CHM clinical trial is part of the Alberta Ocular Gene Therapy program that was created in 2012. We are in the midst of hiring new staff to fill support positions within the Team and we’re thrilled to have new faces around the office.

Have a happy summer!