In Denver and in Edmonton.

Many members of our research team had the opportunity to attend the 2nd International Scientific Symposium for Choroideremia in Denver, Colorado in June 2014. This well-received 2-day symposium was organized by the Choroideremia Research Foundation for experts in many different fields to share their work and to potentially collaborate with each other. We heard from clinical and academic scientists located worldwide working in the areas of ophthalmology, genetics, advanced imaging technologies, public health, stem cell biology, gene therapy, drug therapy and cellular engineering. It was enlightening and invigorating to be among great researchers – we also had the opportunity to meet friends and colleagues, new and old!

Back at our lab, we have been fine-tuning the methods and equipment we will eventually be using to assess vision in the clinical trial. Vision is the main outcome measure to assess the results of the clinical trial. Local choroideremia patients have been helping us by allowing us to test our equipment on them. This testing also allows us to tell whether a patient meets the eligibility criteria for the clinical trial. This data is very similar to the clinical data that potential participants from across Canada have been sending us.

We’ve also added a new Publications & Presentations page that lists our recent scientific publications and presentations as well as the media coverage on our study. Check it out!