Summer 2015

There has been a lot of activity in our research lab these past few months with the start of our clinical trial and with our summer students being around. We are excited to share some of the work with you!

Here is the team on the first day of the gene therapy surgical procedure:

L-R: Dr. Riz Somani, Dr. Matt Tennant, Dr. Ioannis (John) Dimopoulos, Prof. Robert MacLaren, Dr. Ian MacDonald, Janice Hengsbach RN, Dr. Markus Groppe and Dr. Paul Freund.

  • Here is a list of recent articles, a radio interview and even a YouTube video about our ongoing study.
  • Calvin Tseng, one of our students, will be starting his second year of medical school this month. He had the opportunity to write about his experience working with our choroideremia clinical trial participants in an essay contest submission (not to worry – the individuals he interviewed were well aware of the contest!). Calvin has graciously allowed us to share his essay with you, our readers!
  • Our Grade 11 HYRS summer student worked on a 6-week project about a different genetic eye condition called X-linked retinoschisis and updated our lab member profiles in her spare time.
  • We also had the opportunity to attend and present at the 2015 International Society of Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia earlier this month.

Overall, it has been a great, productive summer for all of us!